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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Ohio NVIS Test

I was able to participate in the Ohio ARES NVIS Test on April 25th.
The purpose of the test was to show NVIS capability to cover the State on HF. (40m/80m)

My local radio group allowed me to use the club call and I operated QRP @ 5watts.

5 counties were worked, one of which was Lake County on the opposite end of Ohio,
from where I was operating!

The radio used was my tried and true, Yaesu FT 817 ND and a horizontal Dipole
6 feet off the ground. One contact with a station in Pike County was un-successful at QRP power levels. The other station was using 75 watts, then 50 watts, 25 watts...no copy.

The test did show that NVIS at low power levels will cover the state with communications on 40 meters. I did not have an antenna to participate on the 80 meter frequencies.

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