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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Components and Kit building

Several local hams assisted DARA with the yearly event called "Tech Fest"
Sinclair College opens a campus building for young students to experience high tech and science type disciplines.

We help kids build no-solder FM, or crystal radio sets. The kits use spring terminals and point to point connections. What a great sight to see these young people smile when they hear a signal from the radio they just built!

One has to wonder what "spark" of interest in radio, or Amateur Radio is created by this activity in the minds of these future engineers, and technicians.

good stuff

Tech Sessions are a good way to expose hams to circuits and components.
I think introductory sessions should be cheap, simple and easy. No solder, low parts count kits which perform a function or task are best. It creates a sense of accomplishment and encourages further learning. As knowledge and skill set increases, the level of project difficulty can progress accordingly.


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