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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hamvention items

I have 2 items to keep me busy over the summer.
A Raspberry Pi kit, and an old qrp kit called the 38 special.

The rasp pi purchase is intended to introduce me to the world of computer programming. Knowing why and what a computer does when given a series of commands or instructions will be a very useful skillset.
Almost everything made today has some sort of computer or processor in it.
I intend to use it for Ham radio applications as well.
The open source, and community base of information, for the Linux based OS is a good learning environment. I plan to add the GPIO (general purpose input/output) kit and learn how to turn on/off motors, switches or other controls with the Pi.

A friend offered me a kit which he had stored away in his shack. Its called the 38 special, and is a 30 meter QRPp transceiver. The parts list indicated 2 potentiometers needed, but not included with the kit. I spent some time Sunday in the flea market area searching for these items and found them in the Mendelsons tent. This kit and its build progress will be posted here.

I seem to be following the "theme" stated at this years Hamvention - "Makers"

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