QRP operation is considered using power levels of 5 watts or less CW and 10 watts or less SSB.

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Two meter QRP CW

My experiments on this band recently have shown differences between modes.
Characteristics I might not otherwise notice are prominent using low power levels.
Several days ago, PSK31 was used between 10 to 15 miles at .5 watt output power levels. This same distance would not have been possible using FM.
Yesterday the CW mode was attempted between to cities at a distance of approx. 35 miles and my 5 watt signal could not be heard.
I will add that the setup on my end is mobile, using a 5/8 wave magnet mount antenna.
The more QRP operating and testing I do, the more I enjoy low power operating.
I encourage you to try and test new things with your available equipment.

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