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Thursday, December 26, 2013

LNR Par End Fed EFT - 10/20/40 Antenna

One of my Christmas gifts was a new "trail friendly" LNR EFT Antenna.
I'm very excited about this low power, low profile, very compact (when stored) end fed antenna.

From previous blogs you have read about my experience with a home brew 20 meter end fed, which works quite well. I've been very happy with the results I've gotten as far as DX contacts and general stateside QSO's....

This LNR EFT is very small, very light, and appears well constructed. Southern Ohio weather has been cold and very winter like lately, so actual testing with it mounted in various locations will be forthcoming as WX permits.

The appeal of this EFT is 4 fold: 3 band operation, only one support required, vertical positioning favoring DX, horizontal positioning favoring domestic QSO's, it's stored weight and size.

Results of on the air testing and use will be posted here....

update: 3/23/14
weather here was very nice yesterday. A 40/80 meter dipole our local radio group uses for field day was erected and tested. It had issues last year and its owner had replaced the feed line. Seems to work ok. I put it up as an inverted V . It was resonant in the phone portion of each band.

I also pulled down my 160m sloper/L antenna from the trees. I put it on a fiberglass 40' pole and have tried to configure as a sloper but it is not loading the 160 meter band. I may try to cut it for 60 meters...

The LNR EFT was very easy to deploy. I had it in a horizontal configuration, then as a vertical. After trimming 2 inches off the radiator, it was good on all 3 bands. However, as a vertical the dips of the analyzer where in different places. hopefully todays wx will allow me to put it back up just out the window here.  

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