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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Stealth Antennas

Our local radio group helped one of our members install an antenna yesterday. It was a shortened G5RV type antenna which has ladder line as part of the design. 2 of our guys spent hours in the thick brush behind the house getting it up as high and as stealth as possible.
The project went very well, and with the exception of the white end insulators, is very diffcult to see.

I have an awareness of the challenge those who live in restricted areas face when trying to get on the air. I encourage those who have this problem to continue to seek a method of getting a signal out from your station.
Attics, gutters, downspouts, thin radiating elements, flagpoles, fiberglass masts, all can be very effective ways to get antennas up and working without creating too much attention.

You might be suprised how well they work, even at QRP output levels.

Im currently using a recieve loop antenna loaned to me. It will help me pull out the signals of the Swains Island Dxpedition. Its only 3 feet or so in diameter and about 6 ft off the ground. There are ones also available which you can use to transmit as well.

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