QRP operation is considered using power levels of 5 watts or less CW and 10 watts or less SSB.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

antennas and band conditions

Being in the solar maximum has not been very impressive for us QRP operators. These last few months have been a challenge to work up many contacts on ANY band. Band conditions when good make QRP a real joy. I hope for good sunspots and flux to return anytime.... Ive been using a buddipole and a black widow vertical when portable operating out in the field. The black widow has given me very good results. I encourage you to do a google search and maybe build your own. Im looking forward to Hamvention. Not sure I will attend "4 days in May" this year. Its a great conference and lots of good folks, but in years past it has been a bit too technical for me. I would like to see some basic theory and instruction along with the advanced material they cover. (just my opinion) 72

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