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Sunday, March 4, 2012

The 7 day experiment

From March 4 thru 11 every afternoon/evening I will attempt contacts using a Rockmite kit with power output around 400mw. The little transciever is "rockbound" @ 14.058.4 mhz.
The antenna will be a 8 element beam up 60 ft.
I truly Thank You for your skill and willingness to hang in there and hear/work my weak signal.
The purpose of this experiment is to see how many states/areas/dx? can be worked in a 7 day period.
This kit is available for several bands from small wonders labs....

edited: March 5 0211z worked Arizona (sunday eve.) AE7CG
march 5 1437 Florida (mon. am) K5WTA
march 6 1545 Florida (tues am) AI4MS
march 6 2141 Connecticut (tues pm) K1ARO
march 6 2221 California (tues am) K6MDJ
march 8 1900 Maine (thurs mid-day) KF1G

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  1. I've got you in the books! 6 March 2012 - AI4MS