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Friday, April 28, 2017

local radio group kit build right after hamvention

There are 2 great kit builds available and they would be excellent choices for new builders.
First is a solder practice kit pictured below.

Second and more exciting for me will be a neat little rig called a "cricket".
Its a cw , 1/2w, 80m kit with everything needed except a 9v battery and antenna.

Once these kits are made, I will plan, then schedule a net for our group... so we can use these little transceivers. For our morse code newbies, just sending your call slowly during check in will be easy to learn. (or building an auto keyer to mate with the kit)!

These kits are made possible by the great folks a 4SQRP.
check out the web site....(click link below)

4 State QRP Group

this is the cricket....
this is the solder practice kit.....

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