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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Solar cycle decline

As our cycle continues to decline, think about building and erecting better antennas for the low bands.

30 meters and down will have the most impact for dxing and domestic contacts.
Over the holiday weekend, I put up a low dipole here. Its around 250' long but only 15 ft. high.
Using a balun at the feed point, along with a tuner, Im able to get on 40,60,80 and 160m

Ive checked the reverse beacon, and it works. I still need to spend time on the air in the late evenings and nightime making contacts.

Consider your yard size. How long of a wire antenna can you install?
End fed, sloper, dipole, loop skywire, etc.
Put up the longest and highest antenna you can and give it a try....

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