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Sunday, July 15, 2012

summer vacation and amateur radio

The last week of July into August we will embark on a road trip to visit my mother in Florida. As any QRP or Portable operator should, I will take radio gear to operate along the way.(hi)
Plans include setting up the station in motels, mom's QTH, and various mountain peaks along the Blue Ridge Parkway on our return trip.
Many mountain peaks have relative easy access from parking areas and one: Mt. Mitchell is the highest point in the eastern United States.
The equipment list is as follows:
Antenna- Buddipole
Rig- FT817ND
hand mic
mini paddle key
wall charger
alkaline battery holder for radio
brick of AA batteries

So far this list has been packed into the buddipole bag, and 1 small pelican case (a bit smaller that an old style school lunch box)
The microlite nature of this list is mandatory due to the mode of transportation which will be used: a Mini Cooper....with 3 passengers and luggage!
(the motivation is  42 mpg highway fuel economy)
I look forward to working many stations QRP portable, from various points of interest thru-out South Carolina, Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia during our trip. If phone service is available I will self spot on QRPSPOTS
here are a couple of pictures of the equipment packed and ready to go:
the FT817ND is packed below the items which are visible, under the foam.

buddipole and pelican case ready to load into car...this is everything needed to operate 40m hf thru 70 cm uhf (less 220mhz) packed into 2 small containers...

update 7/22
I have been debating over the last few days about taking a dipole or end fed wire antenna on this trip to make more room in the car.
After research and pro - con comparisons, Im sticking with the buddipole kit. It has feedline, tripod mast, and all whips and coils to make a resonate antenna 40m thru 2m meters in a small durable carry bag. I put the 2m/6m/440 rubber duck antenna which comes with the 817 inside the bag... (hard to beat)

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