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Friday, June 1, 2012

multiband dipoles and end fed's

my first antenna as a novice was a 4 band dipole kit. It covered 80,40, 15, and 10 meters as I recall. I had cw only allowance on those bands and what great fun it was.... a friend has built one of these recently and we have had a HARD way to go getting it to tune on any band. his is cut for 80,40,20,10. my experience has been to tune/prune at low 6-10 feet high and the match always gets better once the antenna is raised. end fed 1/2 wave antennas....just learning about them. have seen a few of them in operation and may experiment with one a see about its performance verses simplicity...

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  1. we found a defective center insulator/feed point which was shorted. Looks like in the design of the eyelete installation the threads of the bolt had gone too far down into the form.
    after tuning and pruning, the antenna is now working with the exception of 10 meters which has a match of around 2.0:1