QRP operation is considered using power levels of 5 watts or less CW and 10 watts or less SSB.

I like weak signals

Do more with less...QRP

Monday, September 28, 2015

QRP rig arsenal

Today I take ownership of a Heathkit HW-8.
I am excited to put it into service, knowing this was a kit radio available around the time I graduated High School.
I was not a Ham back then, I was scared of the "morse code". Funny, now its my favorite mode..

Posts and pictures of my experience with this new gem will be forthcoming.

In the collection so far:

Ten-Tec Century 21
Ten-Tec Century 22
NorCal 40A
Rockmite (20m)
Heathkit HW-8 !

past QRP rigs included:

Elecraft K1
Ten-Tec R4020

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