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Monday, August 25, 2014

Ten Tec Century 22

In true QRP form, I sold a  non-operational SB220 Heathkit amp and bought a Century 22 cw only transceiver. It sits along side a Century 21 that I have had for many years. Ive only worked a few stations with the C22. But it seems to be a GREAT rig!
Our states QSO party was over the weekend and I spent a great deal of time working with our local radio groups effort. So not much "testing" of the radio has been done yet.

The C22 seems to be a rare find. Im learning that only 750 or so were ever produced. Mine is serial number 050.

This will become my main transceiver in the shack. I will continue to rotate out my QRP collection but this one so far is a joy.

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