QRP operation is considered using power levels of 5 watts or less CW and 10 watts or less SSB.

I like weak signals

Do more with less...QRP

Sunday, December 23, 2012

2013 and QRP/QRPp operating

This has been a enjoyable year of QRP operating. Band conditions
have been up and down keeping us guessing on any given day what we will log when we get into our operating positions and try to work other stations.

I have an interest this coming year to do more QRPp operating. Using 1 watt or less, could prove to be too great a challenge. However, Im up to the task and will post here the results of my efforts.

In past years, using a Rockmite 20, Ive logged 13 states and a few dx stations...all at a mere 400mw. Being crystal controlled, its fixed frequency makes for many cq's before a response. Soon,  using the FT-817, at 500mw or the 1 watt setting, tuning up or down any given band will be a luxury.
Have fun and stay active....

I wish all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !   72

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