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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ten Tec R4020 review

I purchased a R4020 from the Ten Tec factory while attending the SEDCO W4DXCC conference in Pigeon Forge.
I have operated the rig for the past week and wanted to post the results here for all.

First: Getting used to using a radio which lays flat on the desk was difficult.
I did some research and made a very nice stand/easel to prop it up from
a design created by K5DZE. Ten Tec does offer a very nice stand made for the
rig you might want to purchase.

Second: The full size display is easy to read and has lots of information. Its
sensitivity, selectivity, and overall operation is very nice. I also like the very low current usage during receive AND transmit.

Third: It has a "cq" memory which will call cq for you using your callsign which you enter into its memory. You are able to program memory "channels" as well for quick tuning of your favorite frequencies.

Overall its a pleasure to use, and all on the air reports have been good. I WOULD recommend this rig to someone looking for a nice portable/TFR/back-up qrp radio.

It comes with internal battery holders for true portable operation if one so desires.

I hope this review is helpful. My R4020 will be included in the rotation of QRP transcievers here in my shack......

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